is ceasing publication.

Effective immediately, will cease publication. This project and it’s place in my life have reached a natural conclusion. I will let the domain expire. That will happen mid-July.

The tumblr and Twitter - which have 460+ and 2550+ followers respectively - will hang out for a while as they are not hosted on this domain. Get at me if you’re interested in these assets.

You can find/follow me personally as swirlspice. Chiefly, blog/tumblr/twitter. Contact me via the blog.

I’ve written more about the personal bits and thought process behind this decision if you’re curious about that.

I cannot thank all of you enough for the comments, tweets, reblogs, likes, retweets, etc. I sincerely hope each of you reading this learned at least one new thing about life in the Twin Cities that you did not know before.

I’ve had a lot of fun participating in the Twin Cities blogging community in various places since 2005. I’ve met a ton of great people. I’ve stumbled upon a ton of really great things. It has fundamentally changed my experience of living here for the better. It’s not a stretch to say that it’s a large contributor to the fact that I still live here and haven’t moved away.

Yours in Twincy,
Erica Mauter

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