WHOA. So MNSpeak is gone. But it’s back?


_taylor_ posted a press release to Secrets of the City announcing big news for Secrets and for MNSpeak:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an exciting announcement: Secrets of the City and I are in the process of taking up residence at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and, as a part of the move, MNSpeak will be transitioning to its own domain — and to tumblr — under the management of the fine fellows at Ciceron.

Yes, we’re a Tumblr now. It’s an experiment. One that _taylor_ endorses. And who am I? Well, first see this other MNSpeak part from the press release:

Also starting this week, MNSpeak will be moving under the watchful eyes of old-timer MNSpeaker, Andrew Eklund (aeklund) and Karl Pearson-Cater (bigboxcar) at Ciceron, a digital strategy and social advocacy firm in the Twin Cities. Ciceron will be leading the charge for what the future holds for MNSpeak, re-imagining local content and conversation in the age of Facebook and Twitter.

So, I’m bigboxcar. And I’m happy to share that I was on MNSpeak “back when Rex was here.” Anyway, enough about me for now — there’s a LOT of work to do. (Like fixing the tumblr template to show which member is posting, for example.)

And there are a few more organizational details there.

I wasn’t gonna punditize on account of having friends involved all around, but Karl asked for thoughts on the news. Too early, though. I’m just really curious to see what happens.

You’ll recall that Rex Sorgatz, MNSpeak founder, sold MNSpeak to Tom and Matt Bartel who combined it with Rake Mag to form Secrets of the City. Then the Bartels sold Secrets of the City to Taylor, who left Bring.MN (which he co-founded) to do this. Taylor’s been hustling ever since and apparently has decided that breaking the two properties up again was the way to go. So there’s what’s best for each brand and there’s what’s happening with Taylor.

Secrets to MSP Mag makes a lot of sense to me. What’s unclear is what Ciceron is thinking for MNSpeak, how true it is to how MNSpeak was originally conceived, and whether that’s even a good thing or not.

I’m extremely curious about their choice of Tumblr. I switched from Wordpress to Tumblr a while back. Given that, on this site/topic, I tend to curate/share more than write original content, it works perfectly. I don’t believe it’s the right choice for everyone, though. I mostly wonder if they can bring their core audience to the new platform with them (or if they care to).

Lastly, I didn’t think that daily publishing/community management was the kind of project Ciceron was into. I mean, they do it for other people, but I didn’t think they’d run such a site themselves.

So who knows? It could be really cool. I’m patiently waiting.


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